Request to all participants in the championships 大会へ参加される皆様へのお願い

Request to all participants in the championships

(This is only a request and you do not need to submit a COVID test negative result certificate)

   participants from outside Japan

  Before leaving your country, please have a PCR test to confirm that you are negative and virus free.

  participants in Japan that are from outside Hiroshima Prefecture

  Before coming to Hiroshima, please have a PCR test, at your local authorities, to confirm that you are negative and virus free.

  participants who live in Hiroshima Prefecture and are participating in the race

  Before participating in the race, please make an appointment at your local PCR center and have a PCR test to confirm that you are negative and virus free.

  participants who live in Hiroshima Prefecture and participate as officials or volunteers

  Before participating in the Congress, please have an antigen test done on your own and confirm that you are negative and virus free.

(Antigen kits will be distributed free of charge at the Kannon Marina Dinghy Yard.)

We, the 2022 Hansa Class Asia Pacific Championship & Para World Sailing Championship Hansa Class Hiroshima organizers, will prepare and ensure that everyone can enjoy the races in Hiroshima to the fullest. On the other hand, due to the recent outbreak of COVID19 infection, your cooperation is indispensable to ensure a safe and secure event.

Before attending the Congress, please make sure that you are virus-free from the COVID19 infection. Please also carefully read the 'COVID19 Infection Prevention Manual available on the event website.

Currently in Japan, patients with the COVID19 infection are obliged to receive treatment and therapy for seven days in their home and / or hotel. Persons who have been in close contact with someone infected with COVID19 are also required to stay at home or in a hotel for five days. Close contacts include "family members living together or those who have been in contact for more than 15 minutes at a distance of about 1 meter or less without wearing a mask and who has been exposed to the disease for two days or more since the onset date”.

In other words, not only the person with COVID 19 infection must stay isolated, but also everyone on the team who joined the infected person travelling is considered to be persons who have been in “close contact “. These close contact people may be ordered to stay at the hotel and isolate. This is the policy of the Japanese government, and the Hiroshima Hansa Championship Executive Committee cannot change these rules.

In order for everyone to enjoy the competition, we urge you to take measures as a team as well as individual infection control measures before arriving and during the event.

We look forward to seeing you in Hiroshima. Thank you very much for your cooperation.














現在、日本ではコロナ感染症患者は7日間の自宅療養やホテル療法を義務付けられています。また濃厚接触者も5日間の自宅やホテルでの待機となります。濃厚接触者とは、「同居家族または発症日から2日前以降にマスクの着用等の感染対策を講じずに、 1メートル程度の距離で、15分以上接触がある方」です。