Coach Boat Charter コーチボートについてのお知らせ

Hiroshima Organizing committee will provide coach boats during the Championships under the following conditions.

Please read the terms and conditions and apply by the deadline.

Note: the number of the boat is limited and it is not guaranteed to be available for everyone.

(1) Boats are available from October 18th to 23rd. (9:00am to 16:00pm on 18th  


(2) Charter fee: ¥20,000 per person per day, payable in Japanese yen in cash at

  the time of registration.

(3) Only allowed to operate in the restricted area set by the government and

  violation may result in penalties.

(4) We plan to prepare 4-5 RIB boats. Only one person from each team will be

  allowed on board. The boat comes with a driver. Driving by a person without a

  valid domestic driver's license is not allowed by law.

(5) The maximum number of passengers on board is 5-6 including the driver. If

  there are too many applicants, priority will be given to coaches who

  accommodates Para athletes competing in the Para Championships. There is a

  possibility of sharing the boat with other teams or not being able to board due

  to a lottery.

(6) The pairings of coaches on the same boat can be changed during the course of

  the event.

(7) Application deadline: Friday, October 15, 15:00 Japan time

  Announcement of the result of the lottery: 10/16 at around 17:00 Japan time

Please apply to


(1) 利用可能な期間:10/18~10/23 (18~20日は9:00~16:00)

(2) 乗艇料金:1人 ¥20,000/1日 受付時に日本円にて現金払い。

(3) 国が定めた制限エリアより外に出た場合は、罰せられることがあります。

(4) RIBは4~5艇用意を予定します。乗艇できるのは各チーム1名。ドライビングは国内法 


(5) 乗船定員がドライバーを含めて5~6名。応募が多数の場合、パラ競技に出場するパラ



(6) 他チームと乗り合わせになった場合、組み合わせの途中変更は認めます。

(7) 応募の締め切り日:日本時間10/15(金)15:00

  抽選の結果発表:10/16 17:00ごろ